Edgar Barroso

CEO and Founder of Avertica® Consulting Group

Profesional Biography

Throughout his career, and 15 years of international experience (France, Mexico, Spain and the U.S.A), Edgar Barroso has utilized his entrepreneurial, leadership, planning, and managerial skills to consistently create new business ventures, pinpoint business opportunities, open and develop new markets, increase revenues, reduce costs, and drive customer satisfaction to the level of excellence.  Among other major achievements Edgar Barroso has:

  • Turned around American Hotel Register Company’s International Department (NAFTA Group), from a disorganized, severely unprofitable telemarketing department to a market leader in Mexico and Canada with operating offices and subsidiaries in those countries and serving – with thousands of products – hundreds of hotels and hotel chains.
  • Launched a business venture in Madrid (SPAIN) transforming it from being a business plan in 2002 to a franchise system, The Clean House®, with 12 operating units in 2008, more than 200 employees and thousands of customers all over the country.
  • Turned a business idea into a consolidated franchise network in a record time, receiving the highest recognition among the most respected business magazines and newspapers of the country and at Spain’s Franchise Forum 2008 gala.

His success is due, in part, to his ability to communicate with others. This has enabled him to harness the potential of all levels of investors, business owners, top executives, suppliers, consultants, etc. and motivate them to establish superior alliances. Additionally, along these years, his consolidated effort has aided him in the recruitment, mentoring, and retention of exceptional personnel, professionals, partners, investors and organizations dedicated to excellence, customer satisfaction, as well as national/international growth and profitability.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Business Planning.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Market Research & Country Analysis.
  • Implementation os BtoB and BtoC Systems.
  • Implementation of BtoB and BtoC Systems.
  • National and International Market Development.
  • Franchise Systems Development.
  • New Venture Creation & Start- Up Development.
Avertica® Consulting Group, Madrid, Spain.

CEO and Founder

The Clean House Franchise Systems, Madrid, Spain.

CEO and Founder of The Clean House®.

American Hotel Register company, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

International  Accounts Managing Director – NAFTA


Professional Milestones

  • Professor of Entrepreneurship, International Business, International Negotiation and International Marketing Management at different international universities such as: Schiller International University, Escuela de Administración de Empresa, United Int´l Business School, Cámara de Comercio de Madrid and others.
  • Co-author of the book for entrepreneurs “There is Gold Inside You”. He collaborates with the media through articles and posts published on magazines and newspapers such as Emprendedores, Expansión, 5 Días and other digital publications.
  • Winning prize to Best Professor 2017 by Asociación Española de Escuelas de Negocios (AEEN).


Master of Business Administration MBA.

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Chicago, Illinois , USA.

Entrepreneurial Studies and New Venture Creation.

Certified in French Language and Culture.

Université de Paris, La Sorbonne, París, Francia.

Bachelor of Business Administration BBA.

Schiller International University, París, Francia.

Especialidad: International Business and Marketing