Our Team

 At Avertica® Consulting Group we organize our consulting teams, advisors, associates and partners in flexible, non-rigid and dynamic departments of expertise, following the principle of 360º global vision. Vanguard information, methods, systems, and knowledge in general cannot reside on a few people from one country, but on the contrary, on many people well connected and organized from around the World. 

The same as a neurobiologist would know that the brain retains and handles information in clusters of neurons, sharing bites of data on a constant and cyclical pace; at Avertica® Consulting Group we gather multiple experts from a wide selection of knowledge fields.  Those are the efficiencies we have learned from our intelligent Nature. We can only be at the edge of information by working with professionals that are handling just the best methods and systems in their respective fields. They only intervene on command, when their specific knowledge is needed. That is how we take care of our customers´ needs, by creating “teams on design”, giving us the flexibility to organize them as specific projects arise.

Here are some of our key associates:

Photo of Edgar Barroso

Edgar Barroso – CEO Avertica Consulting Group

Photo of Kirstin O'Donovan

Kirstin O’Donovan – CEO and Founder of TopResultsCoaching