Start-ups & new venture creation

As you have probably seen, starting a new business requires a certain personality type. It requires being a genuine entrepreneur; a leader. By becoming a leader you take on many risks, and one of them is making decisions about your financial independence, personal and family situation, the investment of many years of effort and very hard work. You might become financially independent or you could lose part – if not all – of your investment and assets. Therefore, there are many implications and elements to be considered.

Most small businesses fail because their owners were not prepared. Whether due to lack of funds, planning or necessary skills, not being prepared can have devastating effects when starting a small business. At Avertica® Consulting Group we understand what a start-up project requires – we will lead you and your company through the process of starting and running a small business.

Are you ready to begin your business project? Do you have all the skills you need? Self-confidence, motivation, inspiration, and determination, among many other aptitudes and characteristics you might have, are essential. However, you will need much more than that. Avertica® Consulting Groupteams and partners offer a complete set of services targeted to increase the potential for success necessary in launching a new venture . We help plan and implement your business project with nine core services:

1.- Business Idea Analysis and Profitability Breakdown

In new venture creation, the initial step to increasing the success rate of a start-up is the business concept analysis. At Avertica® Consulting Group we will conduct a methodic analysis to closely study business concept’s reason for existence, its durability, its profitability, its market value, its customer convenience, its degree of competitiveness, and other elements. We will help you and your company ensure that you are really building a strong business. This is essentially a risk analysis which will determine the viability of your business creation process.


2.- Business Plan Creation and Writing

A business plan is an essential foundation document. For companies at their earliest stages, it focuses the thoughts of the founders and emphasizes profitability for existing companies who want to franchise A well-reasoned business plan is critical for raising capital. We help you at each of these stages.


3.- Financial Modeling

The purpose of a good financial model is twofold. First, it clarifies our client’s ideas and expectations regarding key financial metrics, including valuation. Second, it presents cohesive and supportable financial data to investors and partners. Our financial plans are not cookie-cutter spreadsheets; they are unique to the client and industry, are clear and persuasive.


4.- Marketing Plan Creation and Writing

Different than a business plan, a marketing plan is absolutely necessary for marketing activities. It contains market research: opportunities, sizing, growth and trends. A marketing plan is typically most useful after the business plan has been drafted; as a startup business moves beyond initial sales into rapid growth, or when a startup company with existing sales needs strategies to grow revenue.


5.- Incorporation. Legal & Other Partner Coordination

Most startups achieve success through relationship building and collaboration, rather than by simply forging ahead alone. By partnering with trusted legal and financial advisors, as well as with other firms that assist with credibility, you maximize your appeal to investors.


6.- Corporate Image Development

In today’s marketplace, having the right corporate image is not an option, it’s a must. Start-up companies and well established businesses alike need to convey a clear and appropriate image. Your business and the products and services it offers will have higher credibility and acceptance rates depending on how well its global image is proliferated. Effective image positioning strategy will be a key determining factor for the success of your business venture. At Avertica® Consulting Group our teams and partners, working from a global perspective with a local approach, will make sure your business image is second to none.


7.- Website Design and Creation

An attractive and consumer-friendly website is an absolute necessity in today’s business environment. Without a website that is both polished and functional, a business finds it materially harder to succeed.


8.- Negotiation Support

Negotiation with funding sources, partners or employees can be complex. Our experience will be invaluable in helping you reach the right result. We are armed with proven tactics that can save you time, frustration, or lost advantages.


9.- Board of Directors/ Advisory Board Support

A strong directors or advisory board is infinitely helpful to an enterprise. We are available to serve you, which will help provide constant, ongoing insight and an independent, experienced voice attractive to investors.