Personal Branding

Let’s first define what this concept means. “Personal branding is the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands. It has been noted that while previous self-help managementtechniques were about self-improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. Further defined as the creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person or individual; this includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge contained within, leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable.” (Source: Wikipedia).

Personal branding is basically the way we market ourselves to the world. While people know a lot about how to brand companies and products, few methodologies exist to help leaders brand themselves. Modern reliance upon technology and the Internet require, however, that leaders have a strong brand and online presence.

Personal branding for executives and leaders is a new solution to this challenge, and offers us a fresh perspective on leadership and communication issues. The business reasons for personal and executive branding are clear: studies show that top executives´ reputations account for around 50% of the overall reputation of the company or organization they run. This means companies can´t leave to chance the way that their top leaders are perceived by the public, customers, employees, stockholders, partners, and other stakeholders.
At Avertica® Consulting Group, we will lead you through the following process:


1. Review and define your vision and purpose

Before defining your brand, look externally at the bigger picture of your vision for the world, and then internally at how you might help the world realize your vision.


2. Review and define your values and passions

You have to know yourself and what you want to accomplish before you can move forward. Your belief system and operating principles are at the core of determining whether an opportunity will be a good fit for you and your company. If the passions that drive you aren’t met, you probably won’t be happy.


3. Clearly define your top goals for the next coming years.

Work on projecting what you intend to accomplish so you can put together an action plan to reach those goals.


4. Self-assessment of top brand attributes

What three or four adjectives best describe the value you offer? What words define your personality?


5. Review and define your core strengths or motivated skills

In which functions and responsibilities do you excel? In which areas are you the “go-to” person? Our team would continue evaluating your major talents and skills along these lines.


6. Help you to get feedback from those who know you best

The true measure of your brand is the reputation you have with others. We can help you measure and analyze your reputation.


7. Help you to implement a SWOT Analysis on yourself.

As we tell companies, it is paramount to perform a thorough analysis of what our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are regarding ourselves as an individual and as a professional. That self-analysis will help you determine the best approach to position yourself in relation to other people, life and business. The SWOT analysis will also help identify opportunities that you may not have seen.


8. Review and define your target audience.

We help you determine where you want to fit in; which industry and niche area of expertise. Then we will learn what decision makers in that field are looking for when they’re vetting candidates, find out where those decision makers spend time, and choose key words which will attract them. Finally we help you position yourself to capture their attention.


9. Define your competition in the marketplace and what differentiates you from them.

We will help you identify persuasive arguments outlining why decision makers should choose what you’re offering over the others offering similar value. What makes you the best choice? What makes you a good investment? What value will you bring that no one else will?
To answer these questions, here is a list of what we will help you to develop:

  • A defined set of personal values
  • Methods for using your personal qualities to make a difference for another person whenever possible
  • The  ability to distinguish yourself from others
  • The tactics for making your actions relevant to a wide range of people
  • The discipline to be consistent in all of your actions
  • A clear vision for continually building stronger personal brand
  • The understanding that your brand will not please everyone
  • The capacity to hold yourself accountable to the perceptions you create with another person.
  • The strategies for building relationships that are key drivers for your success.
  • A serious understanding that relationships are assets and that you must be willing to invest in these relationships
  • Marketing tools to position and implement your personal and leadership brand


10.- Marketing Tool Development for Personal and Leader Branding


Through Avertica® Consulting Group, we will help you to:

  • Define the differentiating factors – offer a unique value proposition or benefit to your target audience
  • Define how to be active in “speed networking” events
  • Develop your personal logo
  • Build your own social media presence; domain, website and blogs
  • Create your personal business materials such as business cards, e-mail interface and signature, flyers and brochures with your personal image
  • Create promotional videos, Power Point presentations, and other tools
  • Develop your personal image, appearance, and communication skills
  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Learn the basics of social etiquette
  • Build your personal brand and position in most popular social networks