Corporate Image and Brand Development

“A corporate image refers to how a corporation is perceived. It is a generally accepted image of what a company `stands for´. The creation of a corporate image is an exercise in perception management. It is created primarily by marketing experts who use public relations and other forms of promotion to suggest a mental picture to the public. Typically, a corporate image is designed to be appealing to the public, so that the company can spark an interest among consumers, create share of mind, generate brand equity, and thus facilitate product sales.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Many companies and individuals spend too many resources on poorly designed marketing and sales strategies that lack clear direction. In today’s global business environment, too often brand strategy is not considered, brand synergy is non-existent, and branding becomes a buzzword that whose value cannot be measured. In reality, brand development is the fuel for the corporate motor. Without branding, an operation lacks purpose and direction, and morale and performance deteriorate. A strong brand energizes the whole enterprise and at Avertica® Consulting Group we help you and your company develop the right Corporate Image and Corporate Branding.


1.- Setting up the grounds

To begin, we help your business look its best, which requires a clean start-up.
We work with our clients to clearly determine:
• The nature of the business
• The target market
• The preference of our clients

We do not dictate a solution but instead we always aim to find the perfect fit while still maintaining a marketing approach.

Avertica® Consulting Group also negotiates printing options on behalf of its clients, subcontracting qualified service providers at competitive prices thanks to the constant volume of business we maintain.


2.- From the basics to elaborated solutions included

Once you have completed the sizeable task of defining and completing the groundwork, it’s time to start working on promoting your business. Our second stage solutions are examined closely in order to develop the best communication tools for our clients.

Communicating with your clients can be done through printed advertising, billboards, radio, TV, digital media, or any of the new available technologies within the “Ad World”. We keep a close eye on industry developments, and guide you to solutions in channels most appropriate for your needs.


3.- Digital Progressive

The Internet changed and added pressure to most of today’s advertising needs. A company must have a website, having become a digital business card for some and an online product catalogue for other consumers.
While some web developers do an amazing job in creating a nice collage of images, their limited knowledge about real design creates cookie-cutter sites in a similar flat platform which does not really portray a business’s image. At Avertica® Consulting Group our partners are artists, then developers. We focus on creating a corporate image and then deploy technical tools for it. Our goal is not to make you look good among stock images, but to develop your own image. We possess the know-how to do so, both in marketing and design as well as in web development.