Certifications – Quality & satisfaction:

Customers are becoming increasingly quality and satisfaction conscious. They need to know that your organization, your businesses, will meet their needs. A certified quality management system demonstrates your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction research is not an end unto itself. The purpose, of course, in measuring customer satisfaction is to see where a company stands in this regard in the eyes of its customers, thereby enabling service and product improvements which will lead to higher satisfaction levels. The research is just one component in the quest to improve customer satisfaction. There are many others, including:

  • Top management commitment.
  • Linking of Customer Satisfaction scores with employee and management monetary incentives.
  • Recognition of employees who contribute to customers’ satisfaction.
  • Identification, measurement, and tracking of operational variables which drive satisfaction scores.
  • Customer-based improvement goals.

At Avertica® Consulting Group we specialize in measuring the level of satisfaction that customers achieve through statistical research based on customers´ direct response. We measure customer expectations for services received versus the level of satisfaction achieved. This is done through the Avertica- Excellence, Quality & Satistaction Club®. Only the companies and small businesses that reach a level of Gold Class level receive the certification that will be granted and displayed in their stores, offices, facilities, etc. The 3 levels of certification are: Gold Class, Platinum Class, and Diamond Class.

By becoming a Gold Class member of the Avertica -EQS Club® businesses and organizations can proof to their customers through an international certification that the level of satisfaction received by most of other customers is above the competition; and that the entire organization is devoted to excellence and customer satisfaction. The level of satisfaction received by a company’s customers has a direct correlation and impact on business sales and revenue coming from those customers. It is proven that there is no more effective publicity than satisfied customers.

At any time Avertica® Consulting Group can request special consulting services to improve its customer satisfaction level.