Our Solutions

Avertica® Consulting Group provides intelligent and state-of-the-art solutions that address the full range of needs and requirements in small and mid-size business domains. Our team of experts provides sophisticated knowledge and corporate expertise to growing businesses, with services customized to your needs.

Along with our network of partners and consultants, we employ integrated, cross-functional methods to maximize results as they assist start-up companies, new franchise systems and new entrepreneurs. This is done while leveraging the potential of advanced entrepreneurial and consulting techniques to implement new, high yield solutions.
Please choose from the eight options listed depending on the specific needs that you or your small or mid-size business might need.

Please select from:

  1. Start-ups – New Venture Creation.
  2. Franchising your Business.
  3. Franchise Selection.
  4. Corporate Image and Brand Development.
  5. Personal Branding.
  6. Certifications – Quality & Satisfaction.
  7. Training Courses for Companies, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.
  8. International Consulting & Partnerships.