Our Partners

At Avertica® Consulting Group our partners are considered the main structure of our organization. Directed and orchestrated by our core management team, our partners are called in to apply their specific field knowledge and expertise when needed. Without them the versatility and wide range of expertise we offer could not be possible. Thanks to them, Avertica® Consulting Group can achieve the flexibility and adaptability to change and new situations every time it engages into a new consulting project.

These are some of our key partners:

Design and Corporate Image Support:

At IC Brand, our goal is to propose innovative solutions in integral merchandising projects, interior design, corporate signage, communication systems, store outfitting, etc… for retail chains, financial and state institutions.

Our efforts focus on on at strategic marketing at the point of sale (POS), integrated in a retail network.  Wespecialize in design and development of specific, “tailor-made” projects, innovation in merchandising displays, exclusive and unique interior design projects for each client.

Companies that have and continue to trust in our work:
ABM-Rexel, AENA, Astrid & Gastón – Chivas, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Banco Cooperativo, Caixanova, CajaCampo, Caja Círculo de Burgos, Grupo Caja Rural, Correos, Deutsche Bank, Fenie, Glenlivet, ICEX, INSS, CC. Islazul, Kysela Pere et Fils, Ltd., MadridOnRails, Grupo Mapfre, Nussli España, Policía de Madrid, Reale Seguros, Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, Senado, Simyo, Stulz España, TGSS, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Atelier + Domo Studio has gathered a team of leading architects specializing in commercial and residential interior design. Their managin directors have graduated in Architecture with honors in the USA and have earn a great reputation in Spain. Atelier + Domo are collaborating with Camper on its expansion and new image as well as other projects including Mango, Tous and Desigual. They develop various projects in the world of fashion and industrial design and do work for New York’s Fashion Week. With their own studio in Tribeca (New York), Atelier + Domo is involved in branding more than 30 stores at an international level. Professors at Pratt School of Design (New York), School of Interior Design (New York), Parsons School of Design and Elisava School of Design (Barcelona) where they develop projects of design and trends.


GrupoEfecto is an enterprise group made up of industrial designers and marketing professionals with vast experience in the field of design solutions specific to merchandising, POS displays, strategic marketing for retail stores and chains, as well as the development of specific advertising displays and other elements for shopping centers, trade fairs, stands, expos, etc…

Our professional process and implication covers all phases equally, from the very conception of the project, up to manufacturing and distribution, in the meantime offering unique solutions in the area of visual communication. We are accustomed to taking on all projects in a self-sufficient manner, generating the resources necessary to carry out each phase without losing sight of the main goals, from the preliminary ideas to the final outcome.

Human Resource Support:

DHR GLOBAL specializes in helping companies to build strong and highly qualified professional teams, adapting and adjusting their working skills to our customers´ specific HR needs. Our Madrid managing team, together with other experts from other locations, is also focused on developing top managerial and operational skills for our customers´ HR teams.  All our services have proven to be very successful during the start-up development process of our customers, during their growth periods, as well as achieving specific top HR objectives.

Our main Human Resources services are:

  • Personnel Recruiting for individuals, top management, directors, middle management and technicians as well as experts in specific fields.  We also focus on large recruiting projects for new divisions or subsidiaries as well as large professional teams for companies.
  • Training. We have specialized in regular employee training programs as well as in managerial training courses to improve management skills.  DHR can also handle the search of special economic subsidy programs from municipalities, state and local governments.
  • Our other areas of expertise are: Planning and DevelopmentCoaching and Outsourcing.

Financial Analysis / Strategic Planning Support:

Argos Capital Partners LLP is a global consulting firm, specialized in Corporate Finance, Management Consulting & Tax Planning. Our main areas of expertise are focus on the following areas: Strategic planning, project finance, international taxation and business advisory in its penetration in emerging markets.

The management team is composed of top executives who have developed their careers in major Spanish and American multinationals. The fundamental goal is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of customers and offer them an overall supply of financial services and multidisciplinary, based on deep sector knowledge. Argos Capital Partners LLP is currently consulting on projects in major international markets.

IT & Computers Networks Support:

EVOTEC focuses its service strategy on providing top computer and IT services to small and medium-sized enterprises, as large company would enjoy, but at a much lower cost. The way to achieve this goal is simple. Computer services have advanced so much that virtually 100 % of contingencies are resolved remotely. This technical capability allows our company to share and split operating costs amongst all our customers, without being physically present at their offices or facilities, generating major savings.

EVOTEC´s effort towards its customers is always directed to pursuit their maximum benefits, looking for cost reductions, increasing their business efficiencies and industry knowledge as well as improving their productivity.  Some of the customers that fully trust our services are: AENA, INECO, VP Hotels, DECORTIENDA, KRATA, 2FEELSPORT, Industry Chemical Spanish Federation (FEIQUE) or CONSTRUCCIONES DALPA.

Media & Public Relations Support:

JJComunicAccion is the only independent agency of public relations and communications that specializes in the world of franchises, with the main advantage of working very closely with business and economic media. We implement different media actions such us, sending press releases; organizing company and product presentations; improving our customer’s positioning on Internet, carrying out photography reports, Web content development, etc.

We handle the communication needs of our customers, that either are large corporations that generate a lot of information without knowing how to channel it, or new firms within the corporate world with a good business
concept, but do not know how to break into the media.

Halcourier, TAPASBAR, CreditServices, Solmanía, Taberna Bocatín, Diebold, Nails 4’Us, Trimage, 5àSec, Bodegas Galiana, Dinamix, Siluets, Restaurante Botín, Leader Mobile, La Banquisa, Party Fiesta, La Vinatería, TelePóliza,
Bioqual, VivaFit… are some clients who have worked with this agency and continue to put their trust in JJComunicAccion.

Marketing & Market Research:

Estrategias de Marketing Online offers to its customers an online course that teaches Marketing Online. Our company will train and show you how to:

  • Establish a successful marketing strategy
  • Optimize your website to transform it into a “lead generation machine”
  • Optimize your website to reach high rankings in Google search results (SEO)
  • Create and optimize your ads in Google Adwords (SEM)
  • Create and use blogs to drive traffic to your website
  • Utilize social networks to create a community, a brand,  generate traffic and drive sales
  • Use powerful videos to market your company
  • Create podcasts to add value to your clients
  • Use e-mail Marketing to create a better relationship with your clients and prospects
  • Analyze every step of your Marketing Strategy and improve the entire system along the company growth.

Legal Support:

E.M.L.B. Asociados (E.M.L.B Associates) integrates a leading team of lawyers and business management experts in different administration areas since 1995. It offers its expertise in consulting, legal, and business administration support for medium and small size corporations and firms.

The quality of the business services offered is witnessed and confirmed by its clients, and also for being able to be a member of the European Center of Labor Auditors.  Our firm makes available for you multiple consulting and management services related to labor and mercantile law, fiscal and accounting advise, bookkeeping, risk analysis, as well as other services related to the small business administration.

Since 2001, E.M.L.B Asociados offers to its clients the possibility to manage, through the company´s Internet Website, an on-line adviser and documentation service. All the daily administration paperwork and documentation needed to manage your company can be handled from any location, and at any time, through its website interactive system. This virtual assistant and feature will help you and your business to ease and expedite all your daily documentation needs.

Corporate Training Support:

UIBS – United International Business School. We are an established global umbrella organization for colleges and universities offering undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, corporate training and executive education programs in the field of business and management.
Coordinating several of our own campuses, we are dedicated to cross-cultural international education with a global perspective. Study programs and courses are regularly reviewed and modernized in cooperation with our academic council, the Global Council for Management Education.Committed to offering and promoting quality business education worldwide, we strive to continuously improve our academic programs and standards in accordance with the demands of the global marketplace as well as with the guidelines received from reputable American, European and international educational organizations.

Business Skills and Coaching

TOP Results Coaching® – Business coaching is about making improvements and changes so that you and your business perform at a much higher level, continually growing.  Business coaching helps to get the most out of your time, resources and investments.   The process of business coaching identifies areas for improvement and it is a process which is action-orientated.

During the business coaching, new skills may be introduced and existing ones developed, along with the providing of training, guidance, support and motivation.  The overall goal of business coaching is always focused on enabling growth, efficient productivity and increasing profits in order to make the business more successful and the employee more fulfilled.
Through Coaching, we help your employees:

  • Solve problems arising out of the work and personal environment.
  • Find motivation, support, on-going guidance, training and tools to help them to succeed and achieve their work objectives.
  • Reduce the stress, feel more empowered and take control of their future results.
  • Stop limiting behavior and negative patterns.

Accounting & Fiscal Support:


International Bussiness Support:


Some of our clients:

  • UIBS – United International Business School
  • CAM – Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Madrid Business School (IUSE)
  • European School of Economics
  • Schiller International University
  • EAE – Business School (Universidad Camilo José Cela)
  • Monsanto
  • Toshiba
  • ESCP – Europe – Business School
  • L´EAUSE Cosmetics
  • Dinamix
  • Trimage
  • ADM Business School
  • AEDE Business School
  • FEI – Formación y Educación Integral
  • Formaeduca
  • ESERP – Business School (Universidad Juan Carlos I)