About us

  • Company’s Reason for Existing

Every day, when we interact with our clients – either a person or a company – we know that there is a way to lead them to success. Avertica® Consulting Group exists because we want to guide those who have chosen us along the path of becoming leaders of their industries, their communities and their lives. We have the proven expertise to do it. Because we are global, we think globally but act locally to the last details of our clients’ lives and businesses.
Whether you are a person looking to develop your personal brand, a new venture entrepreneur, a start-up company or a consolidated company ready to begin franchising, we will show you the path to reach the level of excellence the market expects from you. Are you ready for and committed to entrepreneurial success? We have been waiting for you.


  • Our Mission

We at Avertica® Consulting Group, seek to be agents of change—for our staff, our clients, and society at large.
We are committed to:

  • Creating competitive advantage through innovative solutions
  • Building competencies and mobilizing organizations
  • Driving sustainable impact
  • Providing unparalleled opportunities for personal growth
  • Transforming business and society as the best partner of choice
  • Succeeding together with passion and trust

We lead you through the maze of starting and growing an early stage enterprise and a young franchise network. We do not offer buzzwords and fad-of-the month “solutions,” but rather in-depth support in realizing your vision. We can’t guarantee that your business will succeed, but we can maximize its capacity for success.


  • Our Heritage

We partner with our clients and deliver customized strategies that resolve their most pressing challenges and create a lasting competitive advantage. Utilizing the expertise and experience of our associates and partners from a broad spectrum of industries and many countries, we look beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, mobilize resources, and provide measurable results to our clients. Avertica® Consulting Group makes new venture projects, start-ups, franchised businesses, mature companies and individuals a success through ours streamlined yet progressive vanguard consulting systems and methods.


  • We are different. Why?

We are in the constant process of monitoring global change; we know that we live in the middle of evolution. We have a global mindset and anticipate instead of respond to our customers’ needs. We believe in a 360º vision and strategy. While we are traditional in many aspects of handling our customers´ needs, we seek to expand on our customers’ vision.

Our knowledge is drawn from having partners around the world, which enables us to see best ideas available.


  • Who we are not

We, the staff of Avertica® Consulting Group are not all things to all people. We are specialists in start-up business and franchising systems, consulting with global knowledge gathered through worldwide partners and international connections.

We will not force your business into a template. We offer in-depth analysis and customized solutions, not buzzwords. We do not sell polished yet empty phrases. We do not advise public companies or those with more than US$/€ 20 million in revenues. We are not business or funding brokers. We are not the lowest cost or one-size-fits-all consultants.