Dear customers:

In today’s business world, “success” in new venture projects and start-up businesses means striking the right balance between risk and reward.

To achieve your full growth potential, you need fast, easy access to the information and people that can help you and your organization make the right decisions in all the areas and phases of your business development project. That’s why we’ve invested in dedicated Global Partners around the world – partners that serve as virtual hubs for industry knowledge, talent, best practices and expertise – focused on constantly improving consulting methods and systems with real life solutions.

Our commitment of time and resources means that we can anticipate market trends, identify implications and develop clear points of view on relevant industry and business issues. Because we face constant new challenges, at Avertica® Consulting Group, as a world class company, we can advise and lead you through all the areas where your business might need help.

Whatever your stage of growth is, our global network of professionals and partners can provide you with highly responsive advice to help your business grow with a full success potential.

Welcome to Avertica® Consulting Group and thank you for your trust.

Always Yours,

Edgar Barroso
CEO of Avertica® Consulting Group